Entire worlds are born, grown, and demolished in the space of a night's sleep. Many of us create more still while we are awake. Few of us record what we see in those worlds. These images are snapshots I have taken on my travels through this ever-changing imaginary universe. Come along with me for a new adventure.

Hi, I'm Nick. I make pictures. I tell stories.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I now live on the shores of the big blue wet thing with my lovely wife and our bossy cat in New Jersey. Until very recently I lead the North American design and visualization arm of Capgemini's Accelerated Solutions Environment. In the ASE, I worked with many Fortune 500 companies including MetLife, CHS, Time Warner, MasterCard, and more. I have also had the honor of working with amazing non-profits like Junior Achievement of New Jersey and Boys and Girls Club of America.

I'm happy to share that while I'll miss the friends I've made around the world with the ASE, I'm on a new adventure now working as a designer with Spitball Advertising in Red Bank, NJ. Although I'm enjoying learning how to sell my ideas with local and national clients alike, this site will always be for the exposition of my personal passions, daydreams, and demons. Please enjoy as irresponsibly as you like and drop me a line if you'd like to talk pictures, punk, or politics... or if you have an idea for a mess you'd like to make together. I'm easy to find.

Cheers. Create & Evolve.




NOUN a member of the warrior class of dreamers, make-believers, and nightmare conquerors

ORIGIN early 21st cent.: English, from Japanese, ‘samurai’ and Persian, ‘pajama’