Who is the Pajamarai?

It’s 1988. Reagan is president, hair is big. N.W.A. says “F©k the Police,” and a mustachioed Italian plumber wears a raccoon tail. A baby boy is born just outside of Philadelphia. He’s soft, chubby, and lactose-intolerant.

His name is Nick Velardi, the Pajamarai.

In his early years he develops a knack for drawing (mostly dinosaurs and spaceships) and a keen taste for moving images (mostly cartoons and bra commercials) As a grown man, he is no longer soft or chubby and is fully tolerant of milk, thank you very much.

The Pajamarai lives by the sea with his wife, daughter, cat, dog, and tarantula, and makes his living as a designer for Spitball Advertising in Red Bank, NJ. He keeps his sanity making things of all kinds wherever he goes. (still the occasional spaceship or dinosaur) You’ll find those sorts of things right here among his personal and freelance commissioned work.

Please enjoy as irresponsibly as you like and drop him a line if you'd like to talk pictures, punk, or politics... or if you have an idea for a mess you'd like to make together.

Cheers. Create & Evolve.




NOUN a member of the warrior class of dreamers, make-believers, and nightmare conquerors

ORIGIN early 21st cent.: English, from Japanese, ‘samurai’ and Persian, ‘pajama’