Saying "I Do."

Sometimes the best gift you can give your future wife is a strong wedding visual identity... sometimes.

Thanks to Kamp Weddings for these beautiful shots of the invitation package that I illustrated and designed.



Something that gets me excited in my professional life is visualizing complex content. In the case of the poster below, my company needed a way to express the theories and rationale that make up the foundation of our facilitation process. I loved the challenge of working out how to group the content, create visual hierarchy, and guide the viewer's eye throughout the image.

©Capgemini's Accelerated Solution Environment


El Amor de los Muertos

The Hempsteadys are an 11-piece reggae/ska band with a larger than life sound. When they reached out to me and told me the twisted and macabre romance story behind their debut concept album El Amor de los Muertos, I knew I had found the perfect musical match for my inks and brushes.

Telling the story of Frankenstein's monster trying to rescue his true love from an evil undead pharaoh and his skeleton army with help from his best buds, Dracula and the Wolfman, the album and the cover art I created for it are loud, funky, and will rock you to death.

Visit The Hemspteadys for music, tour dates, and merch


Lessons in Chalk

As a Creative Solution Designer in the ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) I am tasked with visualizing often complex yet very valuable information and methodologies in engaging ways. When our clients come into our space to tackle their unique challenges, they have these large chalk murals I created at their disposal to inspire them and create a common language. 


Illuminated Letters

A short series of illustrated typography. The first is my personal mantra "Create and Evolve." The other three are some of my favorite songs and the folks who wrote them.  



The Little Miss Monster Pageant

In 2014 I started a Tumblr page as an ongoing project. It is called The Little Miss Monster Pageant. Each week, I illustrated a spooky and sexy monster gal and posted it as a contestant in the pageant. This was a weekly experimentation in vector illustration and I learned a great deal in the process.


Senior Thesis Book Jackets

In the Spring of 2013, I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Our thesis project and subsequent Senior gallery show needed to be rooted in an established professional field of illustration. Being a voracious reader and amateur writer myself, I chose to honor four timeless authors of strange tales with hardcover book jackets. 

Knowing that the working life ahead of me was surely to be filled with digital rendering and speedy deadlines, I decided to spend my last semester reveling in a slow wet medium. Each of the four illustrations was meticulously painted in watercolor and ink on large sheets of wood. on the night of the show, I sold prints and displayed the finished book jackets alongside the original paintings themselves.


Bugs... Outside the Box

Spanning most of my junior year of college, I interned with The North Museum of Natural History & Science.

Working with three of my Pennsylvania College of Art & Design classmates, our responsibilities were many. Luckily the museum staff were generous with the freedom they gave us to stretch our creative muscles. Our primary duties were to install a series of massive insect sculptures and design the overall experience. In addition to that, my friends and I designed an exhibit of scientifically accurate bug watercolors. Along with five of those paintings, I personally designed three large promotional posters for display throughout the museum.